Reels Ignite Organic Instagram Exposure

The introduction of Instagram reels in 2020 was definitely shocking, especially when the format is very similar to TikTok.

What do we expect to happen this year with Instagram reels?

1. Instagram Reel Algorithm

We all know and have mixed feelings toward Instagram’s algorithm. With the Reels in the mix, we’re not quite sure how the algorithm determines what viewers see. But from what we can see, the Reels algorithm seems similar to TikTok’s. We believe that the Reels are tailored to viewers based on who they follow, where they reside, and what content they engage with.

2. Reel Ads

Instagram gives businesses many opportunities to advertise. They have the option to do IGTV ads, photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, Stories ads, or all of the above. It definitely won’t be surprising if Instagram Reel ads became a thing. Because Reels have their own tab on Instagram, having ads would be a great and easy way to reach new audiences.

3. Influencer Marketing Grows

We can already see several influencers and brands using Reels to promote products. Brands will most likely begin partnering with influencers to create sponsored Reels, especially after Instagram introduced the “branded content” tags on Reels.