Instagram Hashtag Tips

1. Maximize Instagram hashtag use!
Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags for each post. With each hashtag comes higher reach and engagement.

2. Use Different Hashtag sets for each post
Switching up the hashtags for each post allows you to reach a bigger audience and try out different hashtag sets. The popularity of each hashtag is constantly changing. A hashtag that was popular today may not receive the same attention tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to always have new hashtag sets.

3. Add Hashtags to Your Comments
Instagrams that are aesthetically pleasing are likely to be more successful. Everyone appreciates a pretty and organized feed. When customers click on “more” and find a long set of hashtags in the captions, it can draw them away. Adding hashtags to your comments section instead allows you to have a neat caption, while also hiding your list of hashtags.

4. Create Hashtag Sets that are Relevant to Your Page
To reach maximum effectiveness, the hashtag set has to include a variety of hashtags that are relevant to your business.

The Ultimate Hashtag Recipe:
* Very Popular hashtags (300,000-1 million posts)
* Moderately Popular hashtags (80,000-300,000 posts)
* Niche-Specific hashtags
* Branded hashtags
Very popular and moderately popular hashtags allows you to connect with your with others and gain more followers. Having very popular hashtags target your specific community and increases engagement. With moderately popular hashtags, competition is lower and the chances of your posts ranking high increases.

Niche-specific hashtags are those that are specific to your target audience. They significantly reduce competition because it helps your connect with those who are similar or interested in your brand.

Branded hashtags are unique to your business. It can be your company name, product names, or campaigns. When others begin using your branded hashtags, it helps increase brand awareness by giving customers a place to share relevant and related content about your business.